• On my first lesson I was really nervous and lacked in confidence on the roads but I was made to feel comfortable from the beginning as Ashley was a very down to earth instructor. I've enjoyed my lessons with him because he was always very relaxed and patient. Even when mistakes were made, he was quick to reassure me and to focus on the progress that I had made. But still managed to talk me through the errors to make sure they didn't happen again. I would recommend Ashley to anyone, especially those nervous about learning to drive. Thank You for helping me pass on my first time :)


  • I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Ashley Richards for being so patient and persevering with me and me finally passing my driver's licence. If it wasn't for your patience and encouragement and the pep talks I don't think I would have passed my driver's licence. Thank you Ashley and Southern Suburbs Driving School.

    Sakiena Albertyn,

  • I highly recommend Chris ( Chris Driving School) to be any learner driver’s instructor. I’ve known Chris for a short few months and I’ve been directed to Chris through the company I work for. I have learned a lot during the short period and have achieved the results I wanted. He has good communication skills, patience and knows how to instruct a learner driver as best for that pass result all learner drivers seek. He is also very punctual and takes his lesson with each learner very serious. He makes driving fun and at the same time achieves results. I know, because I have achieved my results through Chris and I now have my driver’s license after going several times, all thanks to Chris. He is a good instructor and has my highest recommendation to any learner driver who chooses his services. You are welcome to contact me should you have further questions.

    Nerise Festus,

  • I saw an advert for Southern Suburbs Driving Academy, offering a package deal, which included 4 lessons and a yard sesson. Mika, my daughter, felt very comfortable with Chris and looked forward to her driving sessions. More experience was needed and so Chris did another package deal. She became more and more comfortable behind the wheel. We booked an appointment for her to do her driving test in March. Chris did another intensive session with her before her test and made sure she was confident driving, rehearsing all the important criteria such as spotting, parking and handbrake takeoff skills. His calm and patient teaching manner definitely had an impact on how Mika handled her driving test. She passed first time round!!! I can highly recommend Chris, Southern Suburbs Driving Academy. In fact I have already given the number to two of my close friends who were looking for a driving instructor. (Edited)

    Tanja Humphreys,

  • Chris's Driving School provided me with great knowledge of K53. The expert advice and training I received helped me to pass my driver’s test 1st time. Chris's great sense of humor and knowledge of K53 made me calm and positive towards my test. What I found most beneficial was the mock test in the yard with Chris before the test. That got my confidence up before we headed to the test. I would recommend the Southern Suburb Driving Academy to anyone wanting to pass their drivers licence.

    Mbulelo Dinga,

  • Chris is an absolute professional and made sure our son was 100% prepared (after we had been let down twice by a so-called reputable driving school) for his test. There is no doubt in my mind that he would not have passed had he not been taught by Chris. He has also taught him to be a responsible driver, which is more important that anything else.

    Anso Thom,

  • I herewith confirm that Chris Hadzigrigoriou took me for approximately 20 driving lessons. I was a very inexperienced driver when I started my lessons and managed to pass my Drivers Test first time. Chris is very firm and strict as well as a very understanding Driving Instructor. Chris teaches driving in a very effective, safe and structured manner, which may come across strange at first, but it certainly works! I would recommend Chris to anybody, as he will ensure you are ready for your Driving Test!

    Robyn Altmann,

  • When I started lessons with Chris I was terrified of driving. Over the next 2 months I had several lessons with him and not only did he teach me to drive the K53 style so well that I was able to pass first time but he got rid of my fear of driving.

    Shivvy Brigg,

  • When I called the Driving Coach I specifically asked for an instructor that would be able to teach a nervous driver, and I was referred to Ezad. I went for a number of lessons with Ezad and can honestly say that he was very professional at all times, always patient and no matter how many times I wanted to retry, for example when it came to parking, he would always be willing to accommodate me. He was always on time for our lessons and the car he used was always of a good standard - in terms of maintenance. I passed out in Atlantis, which is very far from where I live, but Ezad took me all the way there to make the appointment, simply because he knew that passing at that specific department would ease the process for me. Unfortunately I failed the first time - purely because of nerves - but Ezad took me all the way back to make another appointment and was with me when I passed the second time. His support during something as difficult as obtaining one's driver's license was much appreciated. I have, since, recommended Ezad to many of my friends and family as I firmly believe in his abilities as a driving instructor. I will keep recommending him.

    Faranaaz Smitsdorff,

  • I made use of Chris' Driving School from October 2012 until January 2013 as I prepared to take my driver’s test. I can testify to Chris’ professionalism and knowledge throughout my lessons and am happy to recommend him to any learner driver. Thanks to on-going lessons in the yard as well as lessons tailored to the course I took my test on, I can happily say I passed first time around and owe my success in no small measure to the training I received at Chris’ Driving School.

    Janine Howard,

  • Chris taught me to drive from the very basics up until getting my licence. I enjoyed the lessons as he is very competent, and I also felt very safe and comfortable. Highly recommended

    Pierre Brunger,