Pre-Trip Inspection

Pre-trip Inspections

Exterior (walk around the car in an anti-clockwise direction starting from the driver’s door)
1. There are no objects or leaks underneath the car.
2. Tyre number 1, the wall, pressure and tread have all been checked.
3. Windscreen wiper number 1 the rubber is fine.
4. Under the bonnet I have checked the break fluid, oil, water and fan belts.
5. The front lights are clean and undamaged.
6. Tyre number 2 is the same as Tyre number 1.
7. Windscreen wiper number 2 is the same as windscreen wiper number 1.
8. Tyre number 3 is the same as tyre number 1.
9. Fuel cap is secure.
10. Back lights are clean and undamaged.
11. Tyre number 4 is the same as number 1.

1. Hand break is up and the gear is in neutral.
2. There are no objects below my feet or on the dash board.
3. The seats and mirrors have been adjusted to my personal specifications.
4. Doors are closed.
5. Seatbelts are working.

Starting Procedure
1. Hand break is working.
2. Car is in neutral.
3. Seat belts are working. (put on)
4. Put ignition on say “The warning lights are working.”
5. Say “The car has an automatic choke” and start the car.