Learner’s Licence Practise Test

Hereunder are sample questions from the Learner’s Licence test…

Road rules test:

1 How far may you reverse your vehicle?

(a) 500 metres;
(b) 200 metres;
(c) As far as it is safe to do so.

2 You may drive through an amber traffic light if CHOOSE THE CORRECT STATEMENT:

(a) There is no time for an emergency stop;
(b) There is no other traffic at the intersection;
(c) Your vehicle is already over the stop line.

3 You want to turn left at an intersection which procedures should be followed?

(a) Having indicated your intention, wait for crossing pedestrians and keep as close as
possible to the left hand side of the road;
(b) Indicate your intention, indicate to pedestrians to wait and turn left;
(c) Indicate your intention and cut through if other traffic takes too long.

Road signs test

1 Which of the following signs prohibits abnormal vehicles on the road:




2 This sign shows that:t3

(a) You may not enter beyond this sign;
(b) You are approaching a “two or more track” railway level crossing;
(c) You are approaching a double gate ahead.

3 Prohibitive signs colours are:

(a) A yellow and white disk;
(b) A red, white and black triangle;
(c) A black symbol on a white disk with a red border.